Wednesday, 28 August 2013

SRK's Chennai Express Is All Time Blockbuster

Chennai Express

Chennai Express success pushed me to write its success story part 2. As I told in Part 1 large part of credit goes to Shah Rukh Khan. This time I am writing journey from Rs. 100 Cr to Rs. 300 cr.

I thought after pre-release and immediate post release promotions SRK will slow down but I was wrong this man ran hard with his record express and made "Chennai Express" "All Time Blockbuster".

Chennai Express promotion team promoted movie through mobile game (Chennai Express Game) and app called "'Karaoke App" these both are performing very well. They offered amazing offer for their viewers like on Raksha Bandhan, this promotion team offered "Buy 2 and get 1 ticket free". Last weekend that is 23rd to 25th Aug they offered fans whoever hit theatres in between these days to watch this movie, take out photo of ticket and a photo of your family, email these snaps to them or tweet with these snaps and #FamilyExpress tag then King Khan will specially pose with & talk about your family & Chennai Express Team display the video online. Check their facebook page daily new and engaging updates are coming on it. Daily tweets are coming on twitter with new, innovative and trending tags and most of the tags are having #Express in it. With all this social network promotions they are still engaging and driving people to theatres. SRK visited Maratha Mandir theatre where his "Dil Wale Dulhniya Le Jayenge" is still running and now "Chennai Express" shows are running in that theatre with DDLJ show. Shah Rukh Khan is going to visit Sankalp Pratishthan Dahi Handi Utsav, Worli,  organised by Sachin Ahire where he can promote Chennai Express to lakhs of people and he can thanks them for Record Express success too.

Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express has collection of Rs. 212.66 Crores from India, Rs. 107 crores from overseas that means net Rs. 319.66 crores box-office collection worldwide. These figures states that this Record Express is All Time Blockbuster. Success party of this film was celebrated with all Chennai Express team at JW Marriot Juhu Beach, Mumbai. SRK and his promotions made it possible. Three Cheers for him and his energy level. He is all time entertainment package and great actor. All the best to Chennai Express for its long run and congrats to Deepika Padukone, SRK, Rohit Shetty and his team.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

What Made Chennai Express A Record Express?

Chennai Express

Since Friday I am hearing about Chennai Express success, so I would like to share my points with you all Chennai express lovers and fans. This movie made highest paid previews/thursday Rs 6.75 Cr, highest day 1 collection Rs 33.12 Cr, highest day 2 collection Rs 28.05 Cr and highest day 3 collection Rs 32.50 Cr. This movie collected Rs 100.42 Cr net in its opening weekend and this is first film to cross Rs 100 Cr net in opening weekend itself. Why this movie does break all previous box office records? And How Record Express manages to do it?

Is story has something different in it? No, it is normal fresh comedy as Rohit Shetty other films has. It is like all other Shah Rukh Khan’s lover boy films. Does Deepika’s south Indian accent get some audience? Yeah that factor bringing some viewers in. One factor is affecting on good volume of people that is south Indian touch. Today if we see bollywood, there are most of the movies having north Indian touch, mostly Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. This movie has changes that trend and that is something new to see. Most of the actors are from South India except SRK.

Most important factor which has created all the magic is SRK fans group and King Khan’s interaction and the connection he formed with people before release. Hats Off to this bollywood badshah, he perfectly promoted Chennai Express before and after its release. He traveled entire India and globe for promotional activities. At Kolkata his promotional activity gathered 2 Lacs fans. There are many more such examples of other places too. He promoted this film through famous TV serials and reality shows as well. Most important factor was his presence in all promotional activities. Yesterday evening he visited some theatres in Mumbai to give surprise to his fans. Fans were going crazy to see SRK. This sounds small activity but it gives good impact. Shah Rukh Khan’s fan following is playing major role in the success of Chennai Express. I will just say this man is coming with more energy with increasing his age.

One more factor is occasion “Eid”. Movie which releases on Eid is creating records like Salman Khan’s Wanted and Ek Tha Tiger did. Eid and hit is Bollywood equation now.

Chennai Express

No doubt Chennai Express Team did awesome job, great south Indian locations, good direction, nice act by Deepika Padukone, SRK and other actors. Fresh comedy and Rohit Shetty style action scenes are added TADKA. All in all a good entertainment package. SRK has proved that he is a Real King. His energy at this age, his passion towards whatever he does; can’t be expressed in words. You are the Badshah of your fans SRK keep it up and bring on many more Record Express. SRK is the major reason for Chennai Express success. King Khan made this Chennai Express a Record Express.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Does SEX Sells?

Does SEX sells?

Time to write on, another mind blowing topic, “Does SEX sells?” I choose this topic because one day I sat to eat Vada-Pav and when I unwrapped it, I saw an article on that paper, titled was “How To Choose Right Laptop”. Article was promoting a branded Laptop but I saw one image included with that article; that image was a girl with sexy long legs sitting on a chair with laptop on her lap. This inspired me to write on this topic which was on my mind since long time.

Why most of the video, image, banner or any kind of advertisements includes erotic sexy girls or boys images? I thought and researched on this topic, I found much information which I like to share with my readers. Main reason why sexuality works in advertising is, it influences our biological instincts and evokes strong emotions, that's why sexual images are the most effective means to attract people. There are people all the time thinks about sex in many ways. If such people come across these ads then they tend to see it with great interest. This is instinct of our senses which make changes in our mind after watching sexually erotic images or videos and advertising companies taking advantage of it.

There are seductive tempting legs, butt cheeks, bosoms, cleavage, biceps, triceps and other body parts (for every taste) are constantly attacking us from the TV screens, magazines pages, billboards and other advertising media. Open any magazine and sexy ladies (and men) will sell you anything from shampoo to chainsaws. See any products advertisings today you will see sexuality playing a vital role in it. Let’s see some examples,
1. Sexy girls and hot boys featuring in Deo’s ads giving the message of use this deo to attract sexy girls.
2. SRK with upper bare body in action with two sexy ladies in bath-tub for LUX soap ads.
3. See any pain balms ads it contains lady with bare waist pain.
4. This is one of the best example, Katrina seducing moves in exposing costume to promote Slice – Mango Juice.

Yes, sex sells. It's a fact. Popular men’s magazines like Maxim and FHM have experimented often with their covers. Overwhelmingly, when a sexy, semi-naked woman appears on the cover, it outperforms an image of a male star, even if that star is someone men want to read about.

Sexuality is involved in apps advertisings on mobile too. There are different apps and gaming ads on mobile which includes virtual sexy girls in sexy outfits.

Why does the ‘sex sells’ formula work? It excites us, arouses us and ignites our passion and eventually, makes us notice the products. It was implanted in our genes. Sex sells because we are human and sex is the most important part of our lives. We can run but we can never hide. It is an excellent instructor, most powerful and efficient marketing tool. Of course, it incites immediate interest too. The purpose of advertisements is to inform, convince people about a particular product one way or the other, and sex is the best way to hold on to someone’s memory. There is never a saturation point when you introduce sex into that concept.

A naked girl sells more men’s products than an enthusiastic salesman with the gift of the gab. Who isn’t interested in sex? So it really is true that sex sells everything. It never fails. If we are out of ideas, we should just leave it to sex. That’ll do the trick. That’s the best choice, hardly any of us have differences on that subject. In these final lines, I just want to tell the people who don't agree on it that It is your view not an advertiser's because advertiser always include sex in his ads and we can see it everywhere. Sex themes are making brands, earning money and ruling advertising world.

Does SEX sells?

I am posting this article on my Duniyaadaari blog because everything comes under Duniyaadaari. Thus, it has both positive and negative site. I will just suggest my readers that don’t get attracted to sexy themes of advertisements, check out for product quality. Don’t get manipulated with sexy ads, analyse products after watching their advertisements and after that go for it.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

दुनियादारी - इस्टमनकलर लवस्टोरी

नमस्कार मित्रानो ,
हा ब्लॉग मी आज सुरु करतोय, याची प्रेरणा म्हणजे मी नुकताच बघितलेला दुनियादारी - मराठी सिनेमा. आज याची सुरुआत याच सिनेमावर थोडस लिहून करतोय.यात काहीच वाद नाही संजय जाधव याने त्याचा स्वप्नातील एक सिनेमा बनवला, पण त्याचा या स्वप्नात स्वप्नील जोशी , अंकुश चौधरी , सई ताम्हणकर, जितेंद्र जोशी, उर्मिला कानिटकर, सुशांत शेलार, रिचा परियल्लि आणि संपूर्ण दुनियदारी टीमने एक स्वप्न रंगवले आणि तेच स्वप्न या सिनेमाचा यशाने पूर्ण झाले.

स्वप्नील जोशीने श्रेयसचा व्यक्तिरेखेला स्वतःचा अभिनयाने जो न्याय दिलाय तो दुसरा कोणताही अभिनेता देऊ शकला नसता. DSP ची भूमिका तर अंकुश ने एकदम वंटास निभावली आहेना भाऊ. सई हि मराठीतील एक सुंदर अभिनेत्री आहे, जास्तीत जास्त लोक कदाचित फक्त तिचा दिसण्याला वाव देत असतील पण तीने तिचा अभिनयाने शिरीनचा character ला चार चांद लावले. मिनू म्हणजे उर्मिला कानिटकर नकार माहित असून प्रेम करन कदाचित तुझा कडून शिकाव असाच वाटल सिनेमा बघताना. जितेंद्र जोशीने उत्तम खलनायक साकारावा, तो हि अगदी अलीकडे तुकाराम पडद्यावर सादर केल्या नंतर काही शिकण्यासारख आहे त्याचा कडून नवोदित कलाकारांना. रिचा ने अल्हड सुरेखा मस्त सांभाळी आहे. सुशांत, सस्ती चीझो का शौक हम भी नाही रखते, वेळ कमी होता तुझाकडे पण त्यातहि जबरदस्त अभिनय केलास.

संपूर्ण टीम दुनियादारीने मनापासून काम केले आहे. या सिनेमाचे promotion खूप झाले facebook आणि twitter या social सीतेस वर झालेले promotions आणि दुनियादारी या कादंबरीची लोकप्रीयता यांनीही हातभार लावला सिनेमा superhit व्हायला. हि माझी एक सुरुवात आहे. या पुढे पण लिहित राहीन. दुनियादारी विषयाची कमी भासणार नाही मला हे नक्की.